Photographs from my adventures around Melbourne

Through The Lens January 2017 – David Russell Photography -   Welcome to 2017 and my first Through The Lens post of the year, I thought what better than to start the year with a dope selection of some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti. This year already looks to be an amazing year of street art and graffiti, I can’t wait to capture it with my lens and share it with the rest of the world. I already know of some pretty talented artists from around the globe who will be staining our streets with some pretty amazing aerosol art, you will just have to wait and see what is coming
Through The Lens November 2016 – David Russell Photography - The year is almost over and here we are once again showing you just some of the dope art that went down in the month of November. My favourite piece would have to be Mayo’s addition to the floor at the old lyric theatre where Rone had his exhibition. I am a big fan of Mayo’s work seeing it on this scale was epic and had to be seen to really appreciate the way he executed it. There aren’t too many pics from November so I will make up for a bumper addition next month, so till then stay cool
Through The Lens – October 2016 -David Russell Photography - Last October saw me down at the “Art Of Banksy”, exhibition and Rone’s epic show “Empty”, this was my standout show even without the art of Rone, the space was amazing seeing me return three times to capture the many phases of this awe inspiring space. Both Chuck mayfield and Craig Cole also had their exhibitions at Bside Gallery and Darkhorse Experiment at Blender studios, it was also great to see Melbourne graff legend “MERDA”, put up a new piece in QV, which he won in a competition. Look forward to seeing you all next month where I’m sure there
Through The Lens September 2016 – David Russell Photography - This month saw me capture it all from exhibitions featuring Shida, Ha Ha at Off The Kerb Gallery and Frenchy at Backwoods Gallery, I also managed to spend a bit of time in the heart of Melbourne in Bourke street with one of my favourite artists Mayonaize. As always I have a bunch of night time long exposure shots doing a bit of light painting, this has to be some of my favourite work as I have said many times in my previous posts, the art comes alive under torch light at night. There is an absolute burner from the
Through The Lens August 2016 – David Russell Photography - As the months get warmer so do the streets of Melbourne heat up every day with all manner of art dripping from every surface that can hold paint. August was no exception with one of my favourite pieces being that by legendary Fitzroyalty artist Putos, his style seems to be constantly changing with every fresh piece he drops. Alright guys thats it till next month, stay fresh and wait for the next instalment of Through The Lens, Peace out all.
Through The Lens July 2016 – David Russell Photography - July was a wet and cold month but that didn’t stop me from doing what I love most, that is capturing the ever changing landscape of amazing art filled streets and laneways.  
Through The Lens June 2016 – David Russell Photography - It may be cold in Melbourne right now but that hasn’t deterred artists like Smug who managed to smash out two amazing murals, one over three storeys depicting his grandparents. Roa was in town and didn’t disappoint with his show at Backwoods Gallery, featuring Australian wildlife painted on all manner of objects he collected while in Melbourne, all from hard rubbish found around Clifton Hill and surrounding suburbs. Adnate also had an exhibition at the Metro Gallery featuring his amazing works depicting members from the indigenous community, its great to see an artist use their skills to bring people together
Through The Lens – May 2016 – David Russell Photography - Here is just a handful of some of my favourite images from Meggs to the epic production at the Preston Fresh-food markets featuring some of Melbourne’s finest. May also features a number of nocturnal shots, I know a few of you guys really enjoy these, stay tuned as I am working on some new nighttime techniques, till then break the rules and make art.
Through The Lens – April 2016 – David Russell Photography -   Once again it’s that time to have a look back on the last month, with a handful of some of my favourite images, pieces from the past four weeks.  
Through The Lens – March 2016 – David Russell Photography - The month of March had it all from a new mural depicting woman by Rone, an amazing mural by Smug for the Wall To Wall festival organised by the team at Juddy Roller Studios, also you will find some new works by Cam Scale, Choq and Dvate, Mayonnaise, Duke Grimo (Style), Buttons and Marine. Stay tuned for the month of April which looks to be a massive month for some incredibly talented artists, The Meeting Of Styles is happening at the beginning of April, see you guys next month, till then stay cool and get out and explore this amazing