Through The Lens June 2016 – David Russell Photography

It may be cold in Melbourne right now but that hasn’t deterred artists like Smug who managed to smash out two amazing murals, one over three storeys depicting his grandparents.

Roa was in town and didn’t disappoint with his show at Backwoods Gallery, featuring Australian wildlife painted on all manner of objects he collected while in Melbourne, all from hard rubbish found around Clifton Hill and surrounding suburbs.

Adnate also had an exhibition at the Metro Gallery featuring his amazing works depicting members from the indigenous community, its great to see an artist use their skills to bring people together especially when there seems to be so much division in the world.

Mark Bode followed with Wizards, Lizards & Broads, this show reminded me so much of growing up in the 80’s, just looking at some of the illustrations transported me back to my dysfunctional classroom days where all my mates where drawing Bode characters.

Honorary mention goes to Goonhugs for his amazing solo show “Tiny Writers” at The Darkhorse Experiment, this show featured scale models of derelict building covered in graffiti found around Melbourne, selling all but one piece this show was a stellar success, I can’t wait to see what Goon Hugs does next.

Im also really enjoying capturing the nocturnal art Melbourne has to offer, I think under lights it really brings the works to life and adds a surreal aspect to it, till next time guys grab your camera and point it at something and click.

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