Through The Lens July – With David Russell Photography

Well it’s that time again for you guys to see some of my favourite images from the last month, which basically consists of who I think is putting some dope work out there, and messing up Melbourne as well.

I don’t just love the mad pieces and the amazing murals but I also really love tags and throwies, I love to see them taking over corporate areas, city-scapes like creeping vines getting into every nook and cranny.

The prolific nature is what really draws me to it, especially when I catch a train I’m like a kid in a candy shop rarely sitting rather standing up so as I can get a better view trackside, thats when when you can really appreciate why Melbourne is called “MELBURN”.

Also stay tuned guys as I am having my first solo exhibition on the 6th of November at Blender studios, showcasing my work old and new, Im really looking forward to seeing my work come alive, as most of you guys only see it on an iPhone or computer monitor, I will keep you guys posted until then get out there and see what I see and discover why we call it “MELBURN”.

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