Through The Lens April – With David Russell Photography

The month of April was as predicted a massive one for graffiti and street art, here are some of my favourite images that caught my eye, I’m really enjoying the work of Nemco lately, maybe because it is so different and in todays scene which is full of so many talented artists, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

Shaun Hossack from Juddy Roller had artists such as Askew 1, Adnate, Guido Vanhelten, Rone, Mayo, painting the always bombed Collingwood substation, I loved the grey scale design it allowed all the pieces to come together nicely, while Fintan Magee painted an awesome mural across the road from Backwoods Gallery of an artist called Shawn Lu from Juddy Roller Studio’s.

Phibs while in town briefly was able to refresh an old wall next to the Everfresh Studio, end result was stunning, so good to get some Phibski back on the streets of Melbourne, till next time Peace.


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