Murals, walls, pieces, crew paints…

Meeting Of Styles Melbourne 2016 - So Meeting Of Styles Melbourne 2016 happened a couple of weeks ago, featuring over 250 artists from all over Australia painting up to twenty lanes In the CBD and some surrounding suburbs. Since there are so many pieces to show you I am going to do this post in two parts, that way I can show you guys most of what went down over the epic three days, also there a some walls I still need to capture mostly nocturnal shots. I just want to say a big thanks to Duke Grimo (Style) for putting the event together and to
Asylum Seekers Resource Centre Footscray – Featuring Heesco, Dvate, Conrad Bizjak, Mike Makatron & Duke Styles - This was such a good project to be a part of, artist’s such as Dvate, Heesco, Mike Makatron, Conrad Bizjak and Duke Style, transformed the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Footscray. Covering the entire building in a Kaleidoscope of colours, featuring two incredible murals at either end of the building, Heesco painting an amazing Malcolm Fraser portrait and Dvate combining five different faces in to one insanely good portrait. All this wouldn’t be possible without the work of Brian Mcmanus, my good mate Luke’s father and not to forget the tireless efforts of the volunteers who enjoyed being apart of
Northland Paint Up – Featuring Sirum, Adnate, Askew 1, Bryan Itch, Kid Silk, Ethix, Sigs - A couple of weeks back saw this wall behind Northland shopping centre get a serious make over by artists such as Sirum, Askew 1, Adnate, Kid Silk, Ethix, Bryan Itch and Sigs. The finished wall looked so good, so if you can’t make it Northside here are a bunch of photos from the wall.    
Collingwood Powerhouse Paint-Up - This week saw the old powerhouse building getting a new coat of paint, this time it wasn’t the same orange they use to buff the tags but instead it was painted by an impressive line up of artists. This featured the very talented Mayo, Rone, Adnate, Guido Van Helten and Askew 1 from New Zealand, each artist painted their signature style in Grey scale, which I think works really well. So if you get a chance next time you are in Easey Street, Collingwood check out this amazing wall or should I say walls, till next time PEACE.  
Clifton Hill Burners - This is one wall in Melbourne I love photographing, Its always guaranteed to have some dope pieces on it, I also love it as a back drop for the commission flats that face the wall. Im sure in some way the art influences the surrounding areas with its vibrant colours and amazing detail, it would otherwise be a drab grey wall covered in tags, not that there is anything wrong with that. Stay tuned I will posting some photos from the epic Paterson Project soon, till then peace.
Old Wall New Paint – DMA - On my travels I came across this old DMA wall which had a couple of fresh additions nice work guys, great to see the wall come back to life.  
Paint Up – All Graffed Up In Croxton - Stumbled across this wall in my neighbourhood last night, check out some of the dope pieces I managed to capture before the storm rolled in.  
1DR Paint Up – Geelong Power Station – Part 2 - This is part two of an amazing project organised by Duke Grimo (Style), happening just outside of Melbourne at the old Geelong power station, this project features some pretty amazing pieces with all styles represented from traditional graff to giant street art murals. With so much still to come I can’t wait to see one of the biggest walls in Melbourne go down, it will be a 60 meter wide by about 6 storeys high wall, ¬†with plans to turn it into a giant peoples market, this project looks to be something pretty amazing and its great to see graff
Luke Presto Paint Up – Geelong Power Station – Part 1 - I must say I was pretty stoked when Duke Grimo aka”Style”, ¬†invited me to the old abandoned Geelong power station built in the 1950’s to photograph an amazing project, bringing together graffers and street artists from all over Australia. There where so many incredible pieces going up all over the place, from ground level to 5 storeys high, with the use of three scissor lifts and one very long boom lift allowing artists like Mayo and Rone to reach the very top of the outside of the building. I have chosen to do this post in two parts as there
Heesco & Duke Paint Up – Heesco And Duke (Styles) – Movida’s In Hosier Lane - This Saturday was spent down Hosier Lane with the very talented Heesco, teaming up with the ever prolific Duke Grimo (Styles), together these two make a great team each with such varying styles. Duke with his classic sketchy style with an amazing backdrop making his work pop and Heesco with another one of his amazing characters, this one inspired by Hawaii based artist Woes, nailing the likeness. So be sure to check out their latest mural and I’m sure it won’t be their last.