Paint Up – Geelong Power Station – Part 1

I must say I was pretty stoked when Duke Grimo aka”Style”, ┬áinvited me to the old abandoned Geelong power station built in the 1950’s to photograph an amazing project, bringing together graffers and street artists from all over Australia.

There where so many incredible pieces going up all over the place, from ground level to 5 storeys high, with the use of three scissor lifts and one very long boom lift allowing artists like Mayo and Rone to reach the very top of the outside of the building.

I have chosen to do this post in two parts as there are nearly 100 photos I want to show you, also I am going back this Saturday to get photos of Adnate, Rone and Mayo’s walls plus everything else that has happened during the week.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon, till then Merry Christmas all and have a safe new year Peace.


Luke Presto



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