Photos from exhibitions I’ve visited:

Run Away Ouiji – Anthony Lister – Photos - I totally forgot to go this show on the weekend, so for those of you that couldn’t make it, I went down on Saturday to get a bunch of photos from the exhibition. Sometimes I prefer going the next day to an exhibition especially when I am taking pics, depending on what I feel like capturing, people or art, today I felt like capturing the art of Lister so I hope you enjoy.
32K Exhibition Photos - Here are a bunch of photos from my recent exhibition 32k, a big thanks to Shane Andrews (All Those Shapes) for taking some photos of the show. Also I want to say a big thanks to all my friends who supported me, so here’s looking forward to the next show for which I already have a few ideas.
Untold, James Reka James Reka With Untold At Backwoods Gallery - Its a tad late but here are some shots I got from by James Reka’s Show “Untold”, at Backwoods Gallery.    
Inner Myths By Shida Inner Myths By Shida @ Backwoods Gallery - Here are a bunch of pics from Shida”s new exhibition “Inner Myths” at Backwoods Gallery.
existential-vacuum_-_jonathan-guthmann The Existential Vacuum by Jonathan Guthmann - The existential vacuum by Jonathan Guthmann @ Backwoods Gallery